Tanya Zambrano

Tanya has been on the CAUFC Board for the last 6 years (2017-2023). She founded the Soccer Sisters program which is a free program that has been running the last five years.  Soccer Sisters brings together girls of all ages and focusses on leadership, mentorship, collaboration, giving back to the community and empowers young women. Tanya has been a High School Drama Teacher for 27 years, runs a successful Theatre Program after school and has created Girls Leadership programs in her school. Tanya loves working with teenagers and knows it keeps her young!  Tanya believes young people who are connected to something whether it be Theatre or Sport make them feel like they are part of something and will help them be successful. 
Tanya has been playing soccer for over 40 years and is excited to be one of the first players on the inaugural BFC Women’s Masters team. She has coached her daughter at CAUFC for the past 8 years (2015-2023) and loves watching the growth and development of her young players. Tanya is excited to be part of the new Board of Directors at BFC and believes it is the right choice for all soccer players in Burnaby at all soccer levels.