Frequently Asked Questions

We are working with the city to determine our field allocations. We know parents need to plan and we are looking to post what we expect will be our schedule as soon as possible (even if subject to change)

Our kit is based on a two-year cycle starting in 2023. We recommend that families allow for growth when choosing their size. After the initial handout there will be an opportunity to exchange any unworn items (this does not apply to our custom kit for player who are sized in the pre-season). We will be setting up an exchange program in the coming months. This will allow for families to bring in their kit that no longer fits and possibly exchange for a larger size. If we do not have the size you need available through the exchange program or you would prefer a new item the kit will be available to purchase through our kit manager.

adidas usually limits availability of a jersey design to two years so we have committed to a jersey which will be available for the next two years. Our jersey sponsor agreements are also based on a two year cycle. We have committed to a high quality kit as well which can easily last two years.

You will be able to access our exchange program to see if your size is available or you can purchase a new one from the club.

The new BCSPL season will start in January of 2024 and players will be selected/confirmed in late 2023 and asked to register in January of 2024.

All player kits are shown in a PDF in the respective programs section on our website, training players receive everything but the game day jerseys.

We are currently working on the goalkeeping program, we will post when program is in place.

You will hear from your coaches in late August. First kicks and House will kick off at our annual Jamboree on September 9th. Most of our divisional teams will start training in late August, subject to coach availability. Their first league game will be the weekend of September 9th.

You can request to play with a friend by noting it on your registration or emailing our Club Coordinator/Member Services at

Players are continuously being evaluated throughout the season and can be moved up or down to ensure they are playing in the best place for their development.

If your coach feels you should be playing in a higher division they should contact the Senior Staff Coach responsible for their team and it can be discussed among our technical staff who can liaise with the coach and/or the league if necessary.

U8 16 max (game format 5v5 / 2 levels of play, 2 fields), U9 16 max (game format 5v5 / 2 levels of play, 2 fields), U10 18 max (game format 7v7 / 2 levels of play, 2 fields).

According to the High Performance pathways, only a small percentage of players plays at very competitive levels (see player pathways).

You will be notified via your Teamsnap and we will also post it on our social media channels. We are working with the city to improve the communications around field closures. We recognize the importance for parents/players to be advised as soon as is possible. There are many reasons a game or practice can be cancelled (air quality, snow, heavy rain etc.).

Most of the fields BFC uses have public washrooms. Players should tell their coach/manager if they need to use the washroom and be shown where they are and depending on their age can be accompanied by team manager. If your child is under the age of 10 it is asked that you remain at practice, in these cases you will be asked to accompy your child to the washroom.

Burnaby FC is committed to ensuring any player who wishes to particpate in our programming should not be limited by financial restrictions. Our Financial Assistance policy outlines the options available and is available on our website programs section and in our resources section.

The BCCSL will consist of divisions 1A and 1B for the 2023-2024 season. BFC 1A players will receive professional coaches, two training sessions a week and extra kit. For more information see the player pathway on website.

Our intent is to keep teams together however players will be placed at the level our technical staff feel they need to be in order to maximize their development. This is also subject to coach availability, player requests, team balancing and returning player registration.

Our DC is run by Nationally Certified Coaches, following CSA and BCSA guidelines and recommendations, including the LTPD (Long-Term Player Development). Our Player-centred programming emphasizes the development of each individual player, to reach their full potential.

No, you do not have to be currently playing for a BFC team.