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International Football Association Board   Canada Soccer: Referee Camp Video   BC Soccer: Referee Camp Video 
IFAB 2023/24 LAWS 1-17
  Canada Soccer: Referee Resources   BC Soccer Refereeing
IFAB 2023/24: PDF Laws 1-17  

NEW Canada Soccer: Fitness Testing Information for Referees

  BC Soccer: Ref Centre
IFAB 2023/24: Clarifications & Associated Law Changes Canada Soccer: Guide to Safety     BC Soccer: Discipline
IFAB: Practical Guidelines for Match Officials   CSA Policy: Insulin Pumps   BC Soccer: Referee Pathway
USSF: FIFA Considerations PDF CSA Policy: Casts   BC Soccer: Referee Annual Registration & Refresher Clinics
IFAB Glossary: Football/Soccer Terminology CSA Policy: Lightning & Severe Weather   BC Soccer: Becoming a Referee
FIFA: Federation International Football Association Refereeing CSA Grassroots Standards (U5 to U13 Development Guide) BC Soccer: Small-Sided Rules PDF (most recent) June 2023 Version
CONCACAF: Center of Refereeing Excellence   BC Soccer: U13 Retreat Line Information PDF (most recent)
CONCACAF Refereeing: 2023 Winter Camp Seminar Video   BC Soccer Rules & Regulations: 2024 Youth Provincial Championships
IFAB Rules of Football: Simplified Version of the Laws of the Game   Burnaby District Youth Soccer Association
IFAB: Simplified Rules A-Z PDF (Version 1.0 12/2022)   BCSRA: BC Soccer Referees Association (BC Soccer Associate Member)
IFAB 2024/25: Clarifications & Associated Law Changes  
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