Burnaby FC Announces Collaboration with Douglas College

Burnaby FC is proud to announce today a collaboration with Douglas College.


Burnaby FC have agreed to facilitate a fieldwork project for third-and fourth-year Douglas College Sport Science students enrolled in the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching degree.


“As part of our ongoing efforts to partner with key organizations in Burnaby, we are very excited to support Douglas College’s fieldwork program,” said Burnaby FC Executive Director Morgan Quarry. “As a college journalism graduate who benefitted 35 years ago from a similar program, I love the idea of providing a welcoming environment for Douglas College students to learn valuable, first-hand experiences which will help launch their careers in a number of sport-related areas.”


These relationships are vital to Burnaby FC’s continued commitment to providing a dynamic environment for our members while building strong relationships in the community. The fieldwork program will provide Burnaby FC with a continuous network of passionate individuals who may one day become part of the Burnaby FC family.


The Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching is a four-year degree that prepares students to become kinesiologists, physical education teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists as well as sport, health and wellness professionals. Fieldwork allows students to get hands-on experience through volunteer placements in gyms, clinics, classrooms and other sport and health settings.


“The Sport Science department is looking forward to seeing all of the new possibilities with this collaboration,” said Anna Schachner, Douglas College Fieldwork and Coaching Coordinator. “Students in the Physical Education and Coaching program will not only work alongside and learn from the coaching staff but they will also benefit from opportunities to help with research and programming. We are excited to get started this Fall with our first student placement.”


“Character development addresses a broad spectrum of skill sets and subject matter,” said Senior Staff Coach Character Development Kim Bull. “The collaboration with Douglas College provides participants from both organizations an opportunity to enhance these skill sets and supports positive role modelling to our members.  Through this program, our senior athletes will also witness first-hand programming that allows for continued connection to the club following the completion of youth athletics.”