Five Burnaby Soccer Clubs Merge to Form Burnaby FC

Burnaby, BC –

We are pleased to announce the amalgamation of Mountain United FC, Cliff Avenue United FC, Wesburn Football Club, Burnaby Girls Soccer Club and the inclusion of Burnaby District Metro Teams as an important strategic union bringing youth players, coaches, staff, volunteers, and parents under one club: Burnaby Football Club.

Burnaby is one of Canada’s largest soccer-producing cities, yet it is one of the few regions which does not have a fully integrated club to develop and nurture players through their soccer-playing path at different technical levels.  Under the current structure, we have a multi-tiered system operating in different organizations.  The new organization looks to bring a comprehensive technical and operating infrastructure to yield a superior experience for the players.

Burnaby FC embraces a positive culture and facilitates a movement to improve the youth sports culture in Canada to one that encourages high-quality coaches and environments that support positive youth development and social-emotional learning and well-being. 

Continuous Pathway – A holistic strategy to develop exceptional humans who are growing and developing through the Canadian Soccer Pathway, Burnaby FC

Mountain United FC (MUFC)

Founded in 2011, MUFC is part of the BCSPL (BC Soccer Premier League), a standards-based development environment, focused on player development for players and youth ages 12-18 in the District of Burnaby and is positioned as the highest level of youth development community soccer within BC.

Among BCSPL clubs, MUFC is the largest source of players for University scholarships and programs and provides opportunities for Canadian youth national teams and professional clubs.

Cliff Avenue United FC (CAUFC)

Established in 1956, CAUFC is the largest club in Burnaby with over 2,000 youth players of all abilities aged U5-U18.

CAUFC strives to create an atmosphere of fun, equality, fairness and fair play for both recreational and competitive players, coaches, referees, and administrators so they may achieve their highest potential based on their own skills and desire.

Wesburn Youth Football Club

Established in 1949, Wesburn was formed by a group of local citizens who wanted to establish a neighbourhood park in the community.

Wesburn FC has had four generations join, play soccer, cheer and volunteer to inspire the next generations to come.

Burnaby Girls Soccer

BGSC was formed in 1991/92 as a group of committed and passionate parents and coaches interested in providing girls with the opportunity to play soccer, under the motto; “A place for every girl to play.”

In the 30 years, which have followed, the club has stood by its motto; continually promoting the idea all girls can play soccer while meeting their ability to compete at their level of play.

Burnaby District Metro-currently operates through the Burnaby District

Since the 2015-16 fall season, the Burnaby District Youth Soccer Association (BDYSA) has affiliated Metro division teams directly through the District, rather than through individual clubs.

Beginning in 2023, BDMS will operate its Metro teams under the umbrella of Burnaby FC.

Newly Appointed Burnaby FC Board of Directors

Burnaby FC would like to welcome the new appointment of President; Guido Titotto formerly Cliff Avenue Avenue President.

Guido will be joined by the following former club representatives named as Burnaby FC Directors:

 Mountain United FC – Mario Montagliani and Joseph Nakhla

 Cliff Avenue United FC – Richard Orazietti, Tanya Zambrano and Andrew Blunt

 Wesburn FC – Michael Iallonardo and Sandra Idema

 Burnaby Girls Soccer Club – Tom Berry

“We are extremely fortunate to welcome a well-rounded board of professionals who hold in-depth knowledge of the community and its soccer clubs.  The strength and the experience of our board members ensure we will be very well positioned for years to come in this new and dynamic consolidation of clubs,” said Titotto.

For the next few months, members can expect little change to current programming and operations while BFC transitions to the new club which will begin as of January 1, 2023.  Through the amalgamation and development of the new club, we will continue to work hard to create a soccer experience where youth gain the skills to stay active and healthy for life.  This new structure will follow the Canadian Soccer Pathway while keeping fees in line as we join together.  The new BFC kit will first be used by BFC teams on the pitch for our September 2023 season.  Current club kits will be used until the new kit is distributed next summer.

Burnaby FC will be led by Technical Directors, Lee Tregonning and Kevin Julian.

Current U13-U17 teams will remain together with very little player movement.  As players develop at different rates, some players will move to a higher division and some players possibly move down a division if it is in the best interest of that player’s long-term development.

Social media collaboration is underway among all four clubs. For current information on Burnaby FC, we encourage you to visit our welcome page at  We hope to have our new social media sites available in the New Year and new website available by April 2023.

 “I believe this is a proud and special moment for the City of Burnaby and the local soccer community, as it will be the coming together of well over 3,000 youth soccer players (girls & boys) to help grow the beautiful game here in Burnaby,” said Titotto

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements including our Burnaby FC Executive Director, club logo, and kit.

Burnaby FC will be the largest soccer club in the City of Burnaby aiming to be the “Best in Class.”

For further information visit Burnaby FC at