Gino Gargiulo

Head of Discipline
Website Coordinator

Gino played soccer for Grandview Legion in his youth.  He started his coaching career in 1993.  He obtained his Provincial B License in 1996.  He coached ICSF U18 team to the Provincial Cup Finals in 1996.  After taking a break from soccer to focus on his professional career in the Computer Software industry, he joined Cliff Avenue United in 2008 as a coach of his first girls team.  Gino has coached as many as three teams in a single season doing so for 6+ seasons.  In 2010, Gino was voted onto the Cliff Avenue Board of Directors.  Gino has be a board member at Cliff Avenue for 11 seasons in different capacities.  During that time, he has also been a member of the Burnaby District Youth Soccer board of directors for 5 of those 11 seasons.  For the past 5 seasons on the Cliff Avenue Board, Gino has been the Head of Discipline and scholarship committees.  For the past 3 seasons on the Burnaby District Board, Gino has been the VP of Boys and Head of Discipline.  Gino was also on the committee that was instrumental in the formation of Burnaby FC.