Burnaby FC Announces Collaboration with Flow 2 Freedom

Burnaby Football Club today announced a collaboration with Flow 2 Freedom (F2F), helping to support initiatives for female athletes and raise their game with ensured confidence.

As of today, Burnaby FC players can pre-order the BFC custom-designed period-proof soccer slides, enabling athletes to play with unwavering confidence and peace of mind, regardless of their menstrual cycle. The slides (worn under game or practice shorts) are crafted by local entrepreneur Josephine Kwan and are manufactured in Vancouver, BC. They will be available to BFC members at a discounted rate.

Burnaby FC is committed to improving the lives of female players. We are paving the way to create a safe and inclusive environment for female athletes including open discussions and awareness around menstrual challenges and cycles. This collaboration marks our first step at providing extra support for our female members, by offering an optional product for purchase to eliminate potential embarrassment or fear of leakage which may affect their involvement in sport.

Burnaby FC players can purchase F2F shorts at flow2freedom.com. Orders placed by BFC players by July 29th will be delivered directly to our clubhouse for a coordinated pickup by September 12th, in time for kicking off the Fall season.

“Our partnership with Flow 2 Freedom Apparel signifies an extraordinary milestone in BFC’s unwavering dedication to our female players,” said Kim Bull, BFC Female Football & Character Development. “We believe every athlete deserves an equal opportunity to excel. With the introduction of this ground-breaking apparel, we are supporting our female athletes and fostering a positive and inclusive playing environment.”

Our dedication lies in providing menstrual education and support to female players. As we embark on this revolutionary collaboration, our goal remains to level the playing field and establish an exceptional and flourishing community for women in soccer led by females.

About Burnaby Football Club: Burnaby Football Club is a local soccer club committed to developing and promoting soccer at all levels. With a focus on nurturing talent, promoting sportsmanship, and fostering inclusivity, BFC aims to create a thriving soccer community in Burnaby.

About Flow 2 Freedom Apparel: Flow 2 Freedom Apparel is a Vancouver-based company specializing in period-proof athleisure wear. Their innovative clothing line provides women with comfortable and functional solutions during their menstrual cycle, empowering them to live their lives with confidence and freedom.